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As a sixth grade public school teacher, Ka'Dijah is committed to the academic success of all students. Her firm belief is that education levels the playing field, provided all students are afforded a quality education that is both equitable and accessible. As the only teacher ever elected to the Board of Education, Ka'Dijah brings a unique and pivotal perspective. She is well versed in research-based educational practices and works daily to deliver instruction that is culturally responsive, relevant, and yields optimal results.

As the current President of the BUSD Board of Education and as a proud graduate of the Berkeley public schools, Ka'Dijah is dedicated to the academic and social emotional success of all BUSD students. Ka'Dijah has a track record of being a community leader at the local, national and international level with experience leading service projects focused on education and health, supporting schools and health care centers across the globe.


Ka'Dijah believes in a holistic approach to educating the whole child.  She believes that it is our duty to prepare students for what is next in the world, not by teaching them what to think, but how to think. She believes that we must do more work to close the opportunity and achievement gaps, and make education a transformative experience for all students. Finally, Ka'Dijah believes that we must support all of our learners, because all of our students deserve to be successful, this also includes our parent community. Ka'Dijah believes that parents/guardians are also life-long learners who should be embraced by our school communities, hightlingting the importance of school and family partnerships.

Together, we can.

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