As a proud product of Berkeley schools (Washington, Longfellow, and Berkeley High), I am committed to the academic and holistic success of all BUSD students. My firm belief is that education levels the playing field, provided that all students are afforded a quality education that is both equitable and accessible. As a public elementary school teacher, I am well versed in the Common Core Standards, and I work every day to deliver instruction that is culturally responsive, relevant, and yields optimal results. As the President of my school’s site council, I lead a governance body comprised of students, parents, faculty and staff members that develops our budget and fiscal accountability plan (LCAP). In this leadership role, I assess and evaluate student data, school improvement plans, and engage all stakeholders around school decision making that is student centered. As a member of the Berkeley School Board, I will be a champion for closing the equity gap, an advocate for educational and workforce pathways, promote fiscal accountability, and support best policies and practices that ensures the success of all students in our schools. I am proud to be supported by State Senator Nancy Skinner, Assemblymember Tony Thurmond, the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, as well as a host of educators, parents, and community leaders.