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I am proud to serve as the youngest School Board President and first teacher elected to the Board.  Together with my board colleagues, and our district and city partners, we weathered the challenges of the pandemic by closing the digital divide and implemented new systems to bring BUSD into the 21st century. We approved a boundary policy to combat sexual harassment and expanded funding for peer to peer education. We passed our first climate resolution to ensure that our students graduate from BUSD climate literate. We approved the framework for our African-American Success Initiative and priorities within our Latinx resolution. As a Teacher and proud product of BUSD, I am committed to the academic and holistic success of all students. My firm belief is that education levels the playing field, provided that all students are afforded a quality education that is both equitable and accessible. I will continue to be a champion for closing the equity gap, ensuring a safe learning climate for all students, developing educational and workforce pathways, using research-based practices and differentiated learning to inform instruction and improve outcomes, and promoting fiscal accountability. I am proud to be supported by a host of educators, parents, and community leaders. 





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